Scanning and Artwork Reproduction

Scanning and Artwork Reproduction in Tampa Bay


The Process

If you are looking for artwork reproduction services in Tampa Bay, you have come to the right place.

Here is the step by step process:

  1. Bring your piece by our shop in Clearwater, FL anytime during business hours.

  2. One of our PCP team members will take your artwork and information, process the order and answer any questions. You will have the option to proof your artwork before receiving the file of your image.

  3. We will scan it and create a digital image for a suitable printed representation.

  4. You will be contacted within 14 business days to come back in and review a hard proof the image.

  5. We will make any requested changes and print another proof.

  6. We will repeat this last step until you are satisfied with the image (within reason).

  7. Once the proof has been approved, you will receive a disk with a high quality file of the image.

  8. At this time, the setup of your file is complete, you can order giclee prints of your image on a variety substrates, and your artwork can go home with you. We will also keep a copy of the image on file for you to order prints at any time.

Although we make the digital image as close to the artwork as possible, all artists have different taste, and we strongly suggest that you review a proof of your artwork. (If we are going to be printing the image, we do require the proofing process. This is to guarantee customer satisfaction.) We do guarantee customer satisfaction on scanned and proofed images.



The Equipment

We use a BetterLight Scanning back camera. This machinery is at the top of the line for digital capture and artwork reproduction. These Scanners are created for the very purpose of gaining extremely high resolution images. The BetterLight has adjustable resolution up to 12000 x 15990 pixels.

Unlike a regular 35mm camera, scan backs don’t take a single picture of the image. They use sensors that physically moves to detect all of the light and color in the image. Equipment is important, but a machine is only as good as it’s technician. Due to years of experience and research, our owner and technician, David Braun, is the best in the business. David knows all the ins and outs of lighting, calibration, profiling, and manipulating images to match color in original artwork. 



The cost of scanning and proofing original artwork is $75.00

If you do not need a proof, the cost is $50.00.

For artwork larger than 48" x 60" (4' x 5') there will be an additional charge to scan, please call 727-443-1900 or email for a quote.

The cost for printing and stretching artwork can be found here on our giclee print price sheet.


Click Here for An Artist's Guide to Artwork Reproduction


Other Digital Capture Services

We can scan, restore, and print old photographs, transparencies, important documents and more. For special requests, please contact us by email: or by phone: 727-443-1900.