Digital Printing, More than Pushing Buttons

Sep 22nd 2023

Take the best quality paper you can get your hands on. Add the newest, high end, fine art printer and the inks to match. What do you have? Well, without an experienced digital printer, not much.
Many people don't realize that printing is an art form developed over decades of advancing technology, technique and skill set. Printing has grown into digital printing. Almost everything is digital nowadays, this phrase is as true for printing as any other rapidly growing industry. Digital printing is at an incline. And as long as digital printing technology keeps pushing the 'bigger and better' limits, it will continue to grow faster than ever. Which is why it can be a wise choice to consider a career in digital printing. Printers that are new to the field are learning the trials and tribulations of the demanding career. That being said, it is a lot more work than just pushing a couple of buttons... New-to-the-field digital printers will struggle, that's a fact. We certainly did in the beginning. Printers need to be profiled to match the machines with which they are working. They also need to be profiled to the specific inks and the papers being used. This is to get the colors just right. It can be extremely frustrating when digital printing machinery is not cooperating. The key is knowing how to deal with it. When working with fine artwork and photography this is an extremely important step.

Why choose PCP for your digital printing services?

Here at Preferred Custom Printing, we have been exacting and perfecting our digital printing processes process for over 15 years. We offer many types of digital printing services including artwork reproduction, fine art digital printing, photography digital printing, and sublimation printing. Commercial digital printing services include sign, trade, and banner digital printing. We have dedicated much time and effort to ensure that we only bring our clients the best quality products. We want to make sure that your work of art, is the best representation of your image possible. Whether it be your wedding photo on canvas, or a set of giclee prints for your next art show. You are why we put so much time and effort into our printing process. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Hours and hours of color profiling, combined with the expertise of our dedicated staff, amount to the unsurpassed quality brought to you by Preferred Custom Printing's digital printing services. We do use the high quality paper and the high quality inks, but they would be nothing without the years of developed and acquired knowledge of the digital printing business.
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