New Personalized Custom Décor Products | PCP

Posted by Gabriella MaGrath on Oct 28th 2020

You may know us for our high quality, custom all over print shirts, but today, we're excited to announce some totally new custom products! Preferred Custom Printing is now offering custom pers … read more
How to Take Better Cellphone Photos | PCP

How to Take Better Cellphone Photos | PCP

Posted by Zoe Papas on May 13th 2020

Cellphone cameras have come a long way, the quality offered on the latest smart phones is similar to many high-end cameras. The difference is that cell phones do not have a lot of the manual sett … read more

Digital Printing, More than Pushing Buttons

Apr 14th 2020

Take the best quality paper you can get your hands on. Add the newest, high end, fine art printer and the inks to match. What do you have? Well, without an experienced digital printer, not much. Many … read more