Dye Sublimation Tile Murals

Create A Dry Sublimation Tile Mural

Reach For The Sun By Jim Warren


Tile Murals-New Product

Check out our new product Tile Murals! Finally, art that is suitable for outdoor use and won't be utterly destroyed by the weather! These tile murals give a different look than canvas or matte paper that can compliment your home. The many tiles used to create a single image is appealing and gives depth to any room. These murals are great as backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms and when framed with something like our Keystone Coral Frame (as depicted in the picture), make great living and dining room additions.

Mo The Manatee By Kim Braun


About Our Tiles Murals

Here at Preferred Custom Printing we have two different tiles: Preferred UV and Preferred NON UV   Tile. Both of these tile types have a satin finish and are scratch resistant. They have photographic image quality due to the sublimation printing process. The UV Tile is suitable for outdoor use and is sun  resistant, making it a great choice for patios. These aren't like paper or canvas, they are far more durable which helps them to last longer. With dye-sublimation imaging the colors last longer and do not fade over time as the ink chemically bonds to the tile after being exposed to high temperature and pressure. These tiles are grouted with either sanded or unsanded grout depending on the width of the joint between tiles. We currently have four sizes 6"X6", 4"X4",12"X12" and 12"X18" tiles available. Made in USA.   .

Turtle Time Coral Frame

Tile Murals F.A.Q.

How do I send my image? You can email your image to david@pcpprintng.com and include the details of your order. OR if your file is too large to email, you can upload it here. How large can you print? You can order Tile Murals at any size as long as the file is big enough we recommend 100 DPI at least at Size What is Turnaround time? Turnaround 7 to 10 working days What if I need it sooner? We try our best to work with everybody's deadlines. If you are in a rush for your canvas, let us know and we will see what we can do. In some cases, additional fees my apply. Can you ship them to me? Yes, we can ship your Tile Mural  to you when they are ready. You will just need to pay for shipping and handling costs. I don't have a digital image of my artwork, can you scan it for me.  Yes, we offer digital capture and proofing services and GUARANTEE that you will be happy with the outcome of your order. Read here for more information.