Custom All Over Print Shirts

Few Limitations with All Over Print Dye Sublimation

Unlike most other T shirt printing processes, dye sublimation t shirt printing has very few limitations. There are no color limitations, you can print a t shirt with unlimited colors. If the image allows, we can print very bright and vibrant colors. They are 100% customizable. Photographs, artwork, and graphic designs look spectacular on all over print shirts. The shirts can be as detailed or simple as desired. The other most common limitation with T shirt printing is space. You are not limited to any specific area. With dye sublimation printing you can truly print all over the entire shirt, front and back if desired.

Looking for photographic quality, but don’t want all over print?

Fact: Sublimation works best on white or light colored shirts. Some people consider this a limitation. We have found a way to make the outcomes limitless! You want your image on a green shirt? A blue shirt? A black shirt? No problem. With all over print shirts, you can virtually choose any color. And that's the beauty of it. We can print more colors than there are stock cotton t shirt colors. We will start with a white shirt. We will take your image or logo and place it on a colored background. Just add an image, choose from designs and select background color, it's that easy. You can incorporate specific texts you want and choose the font, size, and placement. Sublimation Printing has the ability to customize more than any other printing process.

Take a look at the intricacy and vibrancy of the shirt designed below.


Wholesale Inquiries

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