Featured Artist: Jim Warren

Jim Warren is our featured artist of the week!

Jim is a current Tampa Bay resident. We have worked with Jim Warren and his friendly staff closely over the years. Jim Warren is a truly successful and phenomenal artist. 40 years into his career, he continues to work hard and create beautiful masterpieces, each one better than the last! Time shows that Jim Warren has had many different styles as an artist. In the images above, I have tried to include artworks that depict several of his many unique painting styles. Generally working with oil paint on stretched canvas, he will present the occasional acrylic painting. A newer painting, "Dreaming of Marilyn" was one of the first acrylics Jim had painted in years. Jim Warren likes to make one fact very clear about his artwork. That is that he only uses paintbrushes, and NO airbrushing, as people have sometimes thought.
Jim Warren Artist Biography
Jim was born in Long Beach, California in 1949. He started painting at the age of two, like all children. He grew up and went through different career driven hobbies, such as artist, magician, rock star, etc. In high school, in 1967 Jim Warren decided that he was going to become an artist, a "Rich and Famous" one at that! As far as art education goes, Jim is very self driven. Here's a quote from Jim Warren about his art training, "I'm basically self-taught.  I learned some basics in my high school art class. At college I attended several life-drawing classes, and studied the great masters in art books and at museums." When asked for advice on painting, Jim Warren presents this very simple yet profound philosophy of art: "To hell with the rules... paint what you like.""To hell with the rules...paint what you like."
Jim Warren Artist Accomplishments
Jim Warren has collaborated with many famous artists over the years. He is a featured artist in the Wyland Gallery Chain, and has collaborated with Wyland on many paintings. Not only working with artists, Jim has had his share of success in the music business. In 1981 Jim Warren became a Grammy Award winning artist for Bob Seger's "Against the Wind" album cover. Jim Warren also painted album covers for Alice Cooper, Prince, Billy Cobham, and George Duke Band. Jim has not stopped at music, he has created movie posters, magazine covers, corporate ads, and over 200 book covers for many authors. Jim now works closely with Disney, and is a featured artist on the Princess Cruise Lines.  
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