Design your own Shirt: Online Design Studio

What is the Design Studio?

The Design Studio is a way to Design an all over print shirt and other sublimation products online through Preferred Custom Printing.  You can create your custom shirt by uploading images or text and scaling them to desired sizes. Our Shirts can be designed in any color(s), with no space limitations. Add your photos, logos, artwork and more! With dye sublimation printing, you can print all over with photographic quality. You can also design custom mugs, coasters, and cutting boards.

The ability to upload your own image and design a shirt exactly to your liking makes the Design Studio one of the easiest and best ways to create a custom product.

Ease of Access

  • Image Scaling

  • Custom text with Different Fonts

  • Dimensions to help direct what sized image to upload

  • A Grid to help align the front and back of the shirt

  • Structured layout of the shirt outline

  • Movement of Layer Positions so that images can be on one another

How to Design your own shirt

1. Go to the Design Studio and select what item you want to design

2. Select the print type

3. Look at the Dimension layer to determine the ideal image size with the bleed

4. Upload your custom image or text

5. Size your image

6. Go to the Shirt back to upload on that side (if applicable)

7. Use the grid to align your image if you are printing front and back on a shirt

Managing Layers in the Design Studio

Layers are used within the Design Studio to place images on top of or below one another. The Design Studio for shirts comes with two set layers: The Grid and the Dimensions.

The Grid enables you to align the front and the back of the shirt.

The Dimensions tell you what size (in pixels and inches) the uploaded image should be so that it is easier to scale and fit. -- This is also helpful when designing in other programs. When an image or text layer is added, it will go on top of all the other layers, meaning that it will show your image before all else. You can manage the layers to dictate which is on top. If your image does not cover the entire shirt and bleed, simply click on your image and in the bottom right corner, and drag until the image is the size you want.

What is Bleed?

Before you upload an image, there are red and black lines that outline the shirt. The red area is bleed area. You need to fill your image to the bleed. The bleed accounts for small variations with the shirts and allows us to position the shirt when in production. DO NOT PLACE ANY TEXT OR IMPORTANT ELEMENTS IN OR NEAR THE BLEED LINE. Everything within the bleed has the possibility of getting cut off, but it is necessary to the design process.

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If you want to view the grid while you are working on the shirt, click on the manage layers tab. The layers are listed so that the front layer is on the bottom. Click, hold, and drag the position slider on the grid layer so that it is below the image layer.

After you have lined up your image with the grid, you can hide it again by clicking the manage layers tab and then sliding the grid back up to the top. If you want to recheck the dimensions you can do the same.

Editing the Elements in your Design

Elements are aspects of your layers, meaning their angle, size, opacity, font, and so forth. To edit an element, simply click on that layer and a box will pop up that says edit element. There are different element options depending on if the element is an image or text.

Editing elements enables you to customize your images or texts further. This will help you to create the design that you are looking for.

Other helpful Design Tips

If you are having trouble with your image, you can undo, redo, or completely reset the product. There is also a zoom feature.

When you are finished with your designing simply click done and the create the next size or go to the checkout.

Pricing of shirts depends on quantity, all discounts will be applied at checkout.

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