Custom Fishing Shirts

Custom Fishing Shirts

Having a custom shirt definitely helps you to stand out. Whether you are looking to put your company logo, branding for an event, or just a really cool design on a shirt, Preferred Custom Printing can make it happen! We have a variety of different shirt options, but one of our most popular is our solar performance shirts. These shirts are great for fishing, sports, and other outdoor activities, because they are moisture-wicking and have UV protection built in.

Fishing shirt frontFishing shirt back

We use a dye-sublimation printing process, so the inks seep into the shirt material instead of sitting on top of the shirt like other shirt printing methods. This is more comfortable for the wearer and is very durable. Other t-shirts can develop cracks in the design and fade over time, but you can be assured that this will not happen using dye-sublimation. Also, beware of other sublimation printers who offer cheaper prices, because the quality can suffer. Specifically, some spot-printed shirts may have a crease in the shirt that goes around the spot. This will not happen with our printing process.


Choosing the right shirt

When you order your shirts from Preferred Custom Printing, you have the option of having us supply the shirts or providing the shirts to us. The dye sublimation process we use does not work on cotton shirts, only polyester, so make sure to take that into consideration if you decide to buy the shirts yourself. Some brands of shirts we commonly use are A4, Vapor Apparel, and BAW. Additionally, be sure to look for tear-away tags if you want to get the back of the collar printed, which is also something we can do. Taking this extra step will really set your shirts apart if you are looking to start your own shirt line.


Designing your shirt

When you go to design your shirt, you’ll have to consider where you want the designs to be printed. We refer to printing certain areas as spot-printing, which is different than all-over printing, which we do not do on solar performance shirts. With men’s solar performance shirts, typically there is a large design on the back and a small design on the front left chest, which we refer to as a pocket spot. Long-sleeve shirts can also have printing down the sleeves, which is usually best suited for text. Woman’s solar performance shirts may have a design that goes across the chest.

Shirt design example

The maximum size for the back of the men’s shirt is 13” x 17” whereas the maximum size for a long-sleeve is 3.25” x 17.” The pocket design is typically about 3” - 4” in width. If you are designing for a women’s shirt, the design for the back will typically be an inch or 2 smaller, depending on the size and the design itself. We can help with the sizing of your design, but make sure you are starting with a large enough file, because if the design needs to be scaled up significantly, it will lose resolution and may look pixelated. We prefer PDF or JPG files with a minimum resolution of 72dpi.

You can visualize how the spots will look on your shirt through the design studio on our website. From here, you can choose from long-sleeve or short-sleeve solar performance shirts, place your designs on the shirt, and change the color of the shirt. Note that the colors and positions will not be 100% accurate to the printed product but will give you an idea of what the shirt will look like. You can also order directly from the design studio. See more on how to use the design studio here.

If you do not want to go through the design studio, you can use the spot-printed shirts order form to upload your designs and place your order.

An important thing to note when designing a shirt for sublimation is that there is no white ink. This will not affect your design on a white shirt, but it may alter its appearance on other colors. Think of it as using markers on different colors of construction paper. If you use a blue marker on a yellow piece of paper, you will get more of a green shade. On the other hand, if you try to use any color on a black piece of paper, it won’t show up. For this reason, we can only print on light colored shirts.

 If you are using Photoshop to design your shirt, you can simulate how your design will look by creating a background layer underneath your design with the color of the shirt and setting your design layer to multiply. This won’t be a perfect representation, but it will give you an idea of how the colors will look. In this example, you can see how the white outline disappears and the other colors are darker and more yellow.

Photoshop layers

If you plan on doing a large run of shirts, we highly recommend ordering a test shirt first. This way, you will be able to make sure the designs and colors are to your liking. Once you are happy with how your shirt looks, you can place your order with confidence.



Our pricing is quantity-based and goes by the number of spots, so you get a better rate the more you order. For example, if you have 10 shirts with 3 spots each, that would be 30 spots and you would get the 25+ pricing. You can see the different rates for spots on our sublimation spot printing price sheet. You can also email us for a custom quote or if you have any further questions.