Canvases on Demand

Canvases on demand is a brand new service Preferred Custom Printing is offering through New technology has allowed us to create a high-quality product at a more economical price. We have a wide range of vivid colors produced using eco-solvent inks, making the process environmentally responsible. Additionally, the prints are extremely durable, they are both water and scratch resistant. With this new service, we can provide a faster turnaround at only three to five days for stretched canvases. All of these items can be shipped across the United Stated or our local customers can pick them up in store. Think about how great your artwork, photograph, or company logo can look! At Preferred Custom Printing, we are continually looking for the best technology to give you the best quality at the best price and we’d love to work with you!


Monday Sale on Canvases

For even more savings, we are also offering a 25% off sale on canvases on demand every Monday. So if you place your order on Monday, you will not only be saving money but you will also be able to pick up your order by the end of the week if you are local! Here's a savings comparison for a 16" x 20" stretched canvas with .75" sides: Enter Promo Code MONDAY at checkout. 

ChromaLuxe Metal Panels

We have another great new product that you will love! You can now print your custom design on a ChromaLuxe metal panel. The panels are made out of aluminum and are both lightweight and durable. They are suitable for commercial and decor usage in indoor environments. There are two types of panels we have, a white base and a metal base panel. The metal base panel has a unique look because the metallic background shines through your image. We currently offer these panels in small sizes up to 16" x 24," but we plan on offering larger sizes, up to 40" x 60", in the future.  

Solvent-ink Product Features

  • Vibrant color range
  • Cuts production costs on canvases and posters, lowering prices
  • Green Guard Gold certified, meaning environmentally friendly inks and process
  • 100-year indoor rating
  • Water and scratch resistant prints

Products Available on Demand

  • Canvases
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Banners
  • ChromaLuxe panels


  • Is it archival? Solvent inks are not rated as archival because the pH is too high. However, these inks allow for a greater, more vibrant of colors than standard archival inks and they are extremely durable, possible even more so than archival inks depending on the conditions.
  • Do the prints have a coating on them? The great thing about our new service is that our printer use solvent inks, which do not require a coating. This allows for greater efficiency and reduced costs, which we are passing on to our customers.
  • Since the price is lower, does the quality suffer? Absolutely not! In fact, the colors will be more vibrant using the new printer and the durability is excellent. The main difference is that it is not considered archival because the pH value is too high. These new prints are well suited for decor and commercial applications.
  • Do you still offer a different service for archival prints? Yes, we know how important having archival prints can be to fine art applications so we are still offering this service. The new service is a great alternative to those looking for decor and commercial prints.
  • What is the biggest size I can print? The new printer can print up to 64" wide, however most of the substrates come in sizes up to 60."