5 Ways to Boost Fine Art Sales

Boost Fine Art Sales in 5 Simple Steps

1. Fine Art Shows Provide Publicity and an Opportunity to Sell Artwork

An art show booth shot from the side. This booth belongs to Photographer David Braun.

Participating in local fine art shows is a great way to spread your art to the local community. You can even travel to other communities to take part in art shows. This can help to make yourself familiar with the art buying community. Art show attendees may not buy from you the first time they see you. But if they like your work, and continue to see it at more art shows, they may be more inclined to make a purchase. Shows can be a great investment and marketing strategy. The more you put yourself out there, the more people will know about your work. Fine art shows can help your art to grow a following.


2. Sell Giclee Prints of your Fine Art 

You can widen your scope of potential customers if you offer giclee prints of your artwork, along with the originals. Giclee prints are available on many substrates including canvas, matte paper, watercolor paper and more. You can usually print your giclee on the same type of substrate as your original. Selling giclee prints of your artwork will expand your market to a new tier of buyers. With the economy in the shape it is, many people cannot afford to buy original artwork. However, they may still be in the market to buy! Whatever the case is, don't give anybody an excuse NOT to buy your art. That way, when someone says, "I really like this piece, do you have a print of it?" You can answer them with a 'yes' and possibly make the sale. If you are interested in giclee printing view this page to learn more! If you are interested in artwork reproduction read more here! 


3. Create a Fine Art Website to Boost Sales

Creating and maintaining a strong online presence should be a main part of your business model. This is true for any business, including art! A website will allow anyone with a computer to get access to your art. You can display originals for sale, prints for sale, or art services for sale. Think of the audience your artwork can reach. There are several ways to create a website for your art. You can hire someone to build a website for you and maintain SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can build your own website to feature your art with a free site building tool. If you are not familiar with the computer that option may be difficult. You can apply to join an online art gallery like this one. These websites will feature, and possibly sell, your art for you. There may be a setup cost or fee per year. Keep in mind that you will be featured with other artists. The benefit of these websites is that they are set up and are already generating traffic. Which in turn, could lead to traffic on your page. Even if you have a website, it can still be a good idea to join an online art community. If your art is visible multiple places on the internet, it will reach more potential buyers.


4 Promotional Material

This shows functional art that can be used as promotional items. Let people know you exist. Create promotional items with your art, name, website, and a way to reach you. This could a simple business card, postcard, or a flyer. Hand them out at the shows. Give the attendees something to remember you by.  Having small promotional items for sale with your artwork can help generate more sales. It can also help your artwork to reach more people. You could offer items like cutting boards, mousepads, coasters, phone cases, magnets and mugs. Check out our Sublimation Page for a list of these items we offer. Offering smaller items for sale can add another tier of buyers to your market. You can even offer these items on your website to boost online fine art sales.

5 Social Media

Create accounts on as many social media outlets as you can. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are just a few. Post often and make connections. This will help to drive traffic to your website and boost fine art sales. It will also give you a more personal way to get in touch with your fans and potential buyers.   We know how busy you artists are. The business aspect of your job can be very demanding. No matter how hectic it gets, just remember that the most important part of your job to keep creating and evolving your style as an artist.
Good luck artists!