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Why Twitter matters

SEO and Twitter

Twitter can seem like an impossible cluster to enter, especially for businesses.

Breathe easy, there are secrets to taking advantage of Twitter and learning why Twitter matters to your site or business.

Twitter and local SEO

A graphic explaining the local SEO benefits of Twitter.

There are many factors of social media that search engine robots use to index your site. Your content, pictures, likes, shares, recommendations, and other forms of social reach are all quantifiable data that is measured and scanned by search engines. Twitter is definitely one of the most valuable forms of social media from a search optimization standpoint. You may get little to no physical customers directly from your Twitter page, but this matters little with regards to total growth. There are some major Twitter factors that bump up your WEBSITE (not your twitter page) in non-paid organic search.

  • Amount of followers – How many users follow your Twitter page?
  • Quality of followers – For an art and printing company like us, 15 art/printing-related followers are way more valuable than 100 sports-related followers.
  • Velocity of followers – Did all of your followers happen in a short time? Normal humans will gradually add you over time. Robots or shady SEO specialists may not. Spam techniques are frowned upon by search robots.
  • Quality of retweets – Do popular and relevant folks like your content?
  • Velocity of retweets – Again with the spam. Retweets need to be consistent and happening over time to be a positive factor in search rank.
  • Location – Listing your site or business on Twitter is a high quality backlink that also holds your location for local SEO improvement.

How many referral clicks does our site (pcpprinting.com) have from Twitter?


Epic failure right?

Nope. The object of Twitter isn’t necessarily to drive direct referral traffic to your site. Use Twitter to drive local SEO:

  • Trends – Change your trends to display only around the areas you service. Get in touch with customers in the right locations by using them in your tweets. 
  • Hashtags – Services, products, and other relevant words to your business should be listed as hashtag keywords. Search robots read this stuff to see what you are all about in order to correctly bring a searcher to your site.
  • Write – The written content in your Tweets can sometimes be scanned by search robots. Don’t be afraid to talk a lot about your city, areas served, best work, specials, etc.

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